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Tongue Tie

‘Desperate families need better help’ with tongue tie

By Jane Dreaper Health correspondent, BBC News Services for babies with breastfeeding problems because of tongue tie need to be improved, a parenting charity says. The condition, which restricts the movement of the tongue, can be treated with a simple procedure and affects 3% of babies. The NCT said services around the UK were too patchy, and more awareness was needed. However, midwives’ leaders said the procedure should only be done if feeding problems were definitely being caused as a result. Tongue tie happens when the fold of the skin that connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth is shorter than usual. The congenital condition, which affects around 3% of babies, can lead to problems for them...
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Homeopathic Treatments for Gastroesophageal Reflux in Babies

Over the last few years babyREFLUX have been striving to provide the best advice and positional aids for babies that experience the curse of reflux. One question that we get asked time and time again is “Should we try homoeopathic treatments to help with reflux?…” On the whole we suggest that you try what you want, and keep going until something works for you. However, one thing we never suggest is trying homoeopathy to help manage reflux. So, why do we never suggest homoeopathy? Because it doesn’t work! It is well documented that there is no scientific evidence that homoeopathy helps in any way besides that of a placebo effect – and in babies even that doesn’t work. If...
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BabyREFLUX has a range of thank-you cards!

A range of original greeting cards designed exclusively for babyREFLUX by top card designer Lyndsey James. The cards offer very specific messages which are not possible to find on the high street. Say thank you to your midwife; paediatrician; hospital ward or consultant. Write a special message to your mum; dad; sister or brother; special neighbour or friend. Each card carries a special message on the front leaving the inside blank so you can write your own message. Complete with white envelope and cellophane wrapping. Currently 99p each!  
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Memory Foam Dangerous

Should I let my baby sleep on memory foam?

Memory foam is polyurethane with added chemicals allowing for viscosity and density. It is usually denser than other foam mattresses, making it more supportive and heavier. Memory foam softens in reaction to body heat and this allows it to mold to a warm body in a few minutes. It was originally developed by NASA for use in the astronauts seats. The company who manufactured memory foam for NASA realised the potential for memory foam in mattresses and patented it for use as a mainstream material used in bedding products. Since the patent expired, other companies have started manufacturing memory foam, often to just as high standard. However, some manufacturers in China, the Far East and parts or Europe make...
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World Prematurity Day – Nov 17th 2012

Over 14 million babies are born preterm worldwide each year and statistics show that over 1 million will not survive. Some premature babies are so tiny that they weigh less than a pound and many face weeks and months in hospital before they are able to go home.  Many premature babies will do really well, but some sadly will not survive and some will be left with long term complications. A global social media outreach is aimed at increasing awareness of preterm birth, evoking compassion for preterm babies and a desire to address the problem. To reach people around the globe and create a surge of awareness, we need the support and engagement of all. Interactions with the facebook...
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