Awesome Rock ‘n’ Roll your baby to sleep!

Punk Lullaby

Ever thought about settling your baby to The Ramones, The Sex Pistols or Iggy Pop? Well now you can with this awesome track list! You can’t get this CD anywhere else in the UK!

Track listing:

  • Mommy’s Little Monster (Lullaby Arrangement of Social Distortion)
  • Punk Rock Girl (Lullaby Arrangement of the Dead Milkmen)
  • Blitzkreig Bop (Lullaby Arrangement of Ramones)
  • Where Eagles Dare (Lullaby Arrangement of Misfits)
  • London Calling (Lullaby Arrangement of the Clash)
  • Search and Destroy (Lullaby Arrangement of Iggy & The Stooges)
  • Tv Party (Lullaby Arrangement of Black Flag)
  • Holiday in Cambodia (Lullaby Arrangement of Dead Kennedys)
  • Alternative Ulster (Lullaby Arrangement of Stiff Little Fingers)
  • Bye Bye Baby (Lullaby Arrangement of Ramones)
  • Children of the Revolution (Lullaby Arrangement of T-Rex)
  • Anarchy in the Uk (Lullaby Arrangement of Sex Pistols)
  • I Wanna Be Sedated (Lullaby Arrangement of Ramones)
  • Silly Girl (Lullaby Arrangement of Descendents)
  • The Passenger (Lullaby Arrangement of Iggy Pop)
  • Turning Japanese (Lullaby Arrangement of the Vibrators)

We love the idea of settling your baby to music that makes you want to bop! This album is so awesome and would make a brilliant gift!

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